‘Fan’ means food in Chinese

‘Fan’ (饭) translates as ‘rice’ or ‘food’ in Chinese. It is a traditional culture for Chinese people to say ‘chi fan’ before starting a delicious meal. It is a blessing of reunion and a welcoming feeling for relatives or friends. It also includes the meaning of ‘fans of eating’. Our founder, Fan, would love to invite everyone to our restaurant to enjoy the warmth of reunion and the company of your loved ones.

Are you a Fan?

The Eatery

After one year of preparation, we finally opened our doors on the Lower Riverside, Greenwich Peninsula. With fears, challenges and uncertainties, we have since introduced food from different regions of Asia, Speciality Coffee, Breakfast and Brunch, and an assortment of baked treats, to both residence and non-residence that regularly visit our relaxed and tranquil restaurant.